(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 28 February 2013, Vrindavan, India, Caitanya Caritamrta, Seminar 1)

What yuga are we living in? Kali yuga? What yuga? CAITANYA YUGA!

This yuga is no longer Kali yuga. It’s one day in a day of Brahma where the entire pastime is completely different, where Kali yuga becomes the background. It’s just a backdrop. It’s not at all Kali yuga.

“O Kali yuga, Kali yuga, Kali yuga!”   We also get into it sometimes – Kali yuga katha!

“Kali yuga is so bad! How bad is Kali yuga!”  Everybody does it.

But what is this Kali yuga? It is a backdrop, simply a stage for the mercy of Lord Caitanya flooding everything, flooding the entire world!

It is said that when you want to see a diamond, you place it against a dark background. You have a box and in the box, you have some dark velvet or dark silk, and you put this big diamond on top, and then it stands out. If you have some white cloth as a background, it’s not the same.

So yes, we need this dark backdrop of the age of Kali yuga so that the pastimes of Lord Caitanya will shine in their completely amazing glory!

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