(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2009, South Africa, Untitled Lecture)

How is it that the all good, all merciful and kind Supreme Personality of Godhead who is just full of love, who is just the well-wisher and friend of every living being, who cares about every little plant, every little jiva, how is it that the Supreme Lord, the Supreme Controller, has arranged all the varieties of suffering that exist in this world?

This question is very difficult to answer but it is an essential question for us if we want to love Krsna. We have to resolve this question. Otherwise, how can we love Krsna? If deep down in our heart there is any doubt about Krsna being in any way responsible for the suffering in this world, then how will we ever develop love of God?

In this world, the difficulties and the suffering are there for only one reason. Krsna is indeed unlimited and full of love but it is not an impersonal type of love. It is a personal type of love and Krsna, in this mood, cannot wait any longer. How long is it going to take, are you going to come back or not to the spiritual world? It is taking too long!

The Lord can’t wait forever and ever for us to just stay here in the material world, life-after-life, whilst eternally fallen and still not turning around! It takes too long, thus he has built into the material world some mechanism of suffering to bring us to our senses and make us turn back to him.

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