Kadamba Kanana Swami is in the Ayurvedic Hospital for a couple of days now. As a patient, he has to abide by many rules in order for his treatment to be effective. His worship of Giriraja continues. Maharaj has had some disciples and other guests paying him short visits. Bhakti Vinod Swami stopped by the hospital on Wednesday to meet Maharaj. Our aspiring godbrother, Rahul, a civil engineer who resides at the ashram in Juhu, has joined us as well as Man Beharini dd from Pune.

Maharaj mentioned some nice points in his conversations with devotees:

The acharyas are pleased when we chant, even if our chanting is not fully attentive. If someone joins Iskcon for whatever reason and thinks of Krsna for just ten seconds, he has made progress on the spiritual path. Therefore we should always appreciate anyone if they chant.

The Vedic system is a mountain of rules and regulations. But Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada have brought with them an ocean of mercy. We should not be neglectful towards following standards but we should use our intelligence and know with whom to be compassionate and merciful. We should behave in such a way that we take people toward Krsna rather than push them away due to rigidity. Prabhupada enforced many standards and was strict with himself but was merciful to many others.




  1. Rupa Manjari Devi Dasi on

    Hare Krishna prabhuji, can you please tell me in which hospital Guru Maharaj is taking treatment in Coimbatore.