(Kadamba Kanana Swami, November 2014, Mayapur, India, Youth Class Lecture) 

Without mercy, we will die. There is no doubt about it. Without mercy, we will not survive in spiritual life.  So if anyone has any mercy – share it, because if you share whatever mercy you have today, then maybe others will share with you also. So that is the system. It is not like, ‘I have got mercy and I am holding it here and I will make sure nobody gets any because I do not have so much.’ Because if you keep mercy like that, then it disappears; at one point it dries up or goes stale. So like that, we are sharing mercy because then there is a lot more.

We remember that story about Narada Muni who had received some amazing maha prasadam from the Supreme Lord and then he became very ecstatic. He came before Lord Siva. He said to Lord Siva how ecstatic he was because he had some amazing prasadam. Then Lord Siva asked, ‘Have you got some for me?’ And Narada Muni said, ‘No, actually I ate it all.’

Lord Siva said, ‘What? Narada, how could you do that? You did not save me any.’ And then there was a whole thing and finally Narada Muni realized that there was a little bit between his teeth and said, ‘Okay, I will give you this.’ He dug it out and Lord Siva was very happy as he also got some mercy. You can see this sharing of the mercy! So friendship is there amongst devotees, honour is there amongst devotees, to be ready to give all respect to others and whatever mercy we got, let us share it!


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