On 02 May, Kadamba Kanana Swami did a very special initiation ceremony in Radhadesh where Mariette Mataji received the name Manisha dd which means “servant of prayers”. Manisha dd is from Liege, Belgium and is very sick with advanced cancer. She has come to live in the Radhadesh community since finding out that she is in her final days. She has stopped chemotherapy treatment as it was a very painful experience and decided that since she is in her 80’s, she would like to go peacefully in the association of devotees. Manisha dd felt enlivened that Maharaj visited her, initiated her AND that they conversed in French as she is solely French-speaking!

Watch a short video captured by Bhagavati dd by clicking here.


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  1. The mercy of the most wonderful Vaisnavas never fail to amaze me.