(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 05 September 2012, Kirtana Mela, Germany, CC Antya Lila 3.52)

What unknown nectar will the day bring us today?

As our faith in Krsna grows then we lose faith in material things. No faith in sex!? Maybe we still are a little bit attached to it but we don’t believe that it will really make us happy. In reality, this is an on-going problem; this on-going attachment to lust. You do not want it but there it is again but gradually we are losing faith that it doesn’t work. Lust not going to fulfill us, we continue to gradually let go.

Then as we let go, absorption in Krsna goes deeper and deeper then higher taste will increase and become predominant… then one becomes addicted. Addiction increases and then as a possible result sometimes we realise, “Oh my God. I am addicted!” But you don’t notice it all the time. It’s like growing old… you don’t really notice it but one day you look in the mirror and see it!

In this way, addiction grows on us and you become hopelessly addicted to chanting Hare Krsna, to serve Krsna and to be with devotees. And therefore we are wondering, “What unknown nectar, will the day bring to us today?” That is the question! We have not come here not only for nectar that we know, we are looking for unknown transcendental nectar as well!

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