(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 25 April 2017, Radhadesh, Belgium, Vyasa-puja Lecture)

In short, I have summarised what I desire and what I request of you. I also thank you all for coming. I do this festival here every year because of the Kingsday. It is just too big an opportunity to let go by. Although in a way, I feel it is quite intense with all those drunken, intoxicated people. And not just ten of them, but more like ten thousand, many, so it is intense!

But every year, miracles do happen on Kingsday. We see people literally having the time of their life in a kirtan – chanting at the top of their lungs. The Dutch people are not slow, they can figure out the maha-mantra, they can do it. They chant it and they get into the kirtan somehow on that day; and every year it happens again. There are people there who have an experience of happiness, of a moment of transcendental happiness, something they will never be able to forget – never ever and therefore every year I am going again, although sometimes I think, “Do I really have to go? Kingsday!” and some of my disciples also say, “Can`t we have the Vyasa-puja somewhere on a sunny island or something?” I know such an island with a nice hotel that is vegetarian and with a nice beach…

But I think that to give out mercy is the greatest thing. That is why every year I celebrate my birthday before the Kingsday. I am very happy that you have come from so far – I highly appreciate that and when we go to Amsterdam just let us forget ourselves. Let us just chant and let us just give out the mercy to the people. If we can do that, then it gets the most blissful!

Everybody always thinks of themselves. That is the nature of people – we just think of ourselves. But if we can sometimes just think of giving to others, this is where life becomes magic.

So this is what I would like to see, more and more, and more and more. And then I feel it is all worth it that I sit here in silk that people gave me, on a huge green seat with lots of flowers, that I had my feet washed as if I could not do it myself and so on and so on…


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