(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2011, Helsinki, Finland, Lecture)

We should appreciate why Krsna consciousness is the best. We have to be thoroughly convinced that our life is much better than the lives of non-devotees.

We follow four regulative principles; the regulative principles of freedom. When the rest of the world is caught up in sinful activity, which is just creating a network of reactions leading to death, we are free.

All our devotional activities are making us more and more free from distress whereas, for a materialist, each activity is pulling him down more. From early in the morning, as soon as a materialist opens his eyes, it begins – some coffee, some cigarettes, some inedible things – just sinful activity after sinful activity the whole day!

Each day, the materialist collects more and more karma whereas a devotee each day is burning off more karma. In this way, a devotee becomes released from the darkness of the sinful reactions.

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