(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 04 March 2017, United Kingdom, Pandava Sena Event – The Real Adventure)

Continued from No compromise on one’s commitment to pure devotional service

Question: The basis of relationships is compromise. In grhasta asrama, if there is no compromise, there is virtually no existence of a relationship. So ideals of higher principles are not to be compromised but in a relationship, compromise is a must. What would you say about that, Maharaj?

I appreciate your logic very much but I think that the basis of a relationship is not compromise. I think that the basis of a relationship is commitment, an unbroken commitment. Then in the course of the relationship, there is compromise. In the day to day dealings, in the external exchanges of the relationship, there is compromise but I think that the foundation of a relationship is commitment.

As devotees, there is no question of a lasting or a real relationship just between two people by themselves. When a man looks his beloved in the eyes, he can say to her, “Darling, you are the most wonderful person in the world – after Krsna.” That is where it stands. Krsna is the third person in every relationship to make it complete.

When mutual commitment is there, where two people are committed to Krsna and stay together, then the relationship has a lasting meaning. Then all the compromise comes on top, you know – in how they speak to each other, how they listen to each other, how they do this and that together, who has to get up and make the tea, you name it! There are many things. I was married for 24 years so I have some experience!

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