(Kadamba Kanana Swami, August 2010, New Radha Kunda, Sweden, Lecture)

Devotional service is so powerful that it will always have an effect. Therefore, gradually devotional service will take over our lives – there is no doubt about it. We need not worry if this process will work for some but may not work for others or that WE may be the exception that it will not work for ME!

No, devotional service always works. As soon as one somehow or other connects to devotional service, one will be purified. Srila Prabhupada had great conviction in devotional service and he was ready to approach anyone and everyone. He did not consider who was qualified and who was not qualified to serve because he had strong faith that they will be purified.

It is due to the illusory energy where we think that we cannot overcome our challenges. Someone may have Rahu in their astrological chart and believe that Rahu is stronger than anything else! What rubbish; that is nonsense! Material considerations have nothing to do with bhakti.

Knowledge can increase our eagerness in devotional service. The more knowledge we develop about the potency of the Holy Name and the potency of devotional service, the more eager we will be to perform it, the more eager we will be to take advantage because then we realise it is possible.

The tendency is there to think, “I believe in Krsna consciousness, I believe in bhakti yoga, I believe that it is the truth but I don’t believe in myself. I know my limitations. I tried to follow the four regulative principles but I couldn’t do it; it is too difficult for me!”

This is a subtle form of faithlessness and totally missing the point! In the early stages of Krsna consciousness, we may not be able to follow the four regulative principles. That does not matter BUT we keep on trying. Prabhupada often said, “Failure is the pillar of success! Just like how it is natural for a child to walk – it takes a certain amount of effort and in the beginning the child will fall and fall again and again but one day the child will walk!”

 So, in the same way, in the beginning we may struggle, we may not be able to follow everything but still we must continue to be Krsna conscious!

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