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After the Czech Summer Camp, Kadamba Kanana Swami returned to Radhadesh. He took just one day of well-deserved rest (even though he should have taken more), before giving another penetrating, jaw dropping insightful morning Srimad Bhagavatam class on Friday, 07 July, on the 8th canto, chapter 3, entitled Gajendra’s prayers of surrender, verse 12.

The class began with how we have been in the material world since time immemorial and how we are entangled within it. The 15th chapter of Bhagavad-gita tells us how we are trying new things yet holding onto our old habits. We just accumulate so many impressions and it remains deep within our subconscious! It is amazing how we keep changing our identity but old habits remain with us. Maybe we were an Italian in a previous life and therefore we still like the food. Makes you think…

Maharaj then went on to introduce the two schools of philosophical thoughts (1) descending & (2) ascending. In the descending process, one gets knowledge from a higher source & then verifies it, whereas in the latter, one starts to ascertain knowledge through logic & sense experience. Maharaj explained that we cannot underwrite or underestimate the jnanis as they have a lot of impact on shaping people’s “reality” but speculative philosophy is very dangerous and so we agree that logic leads to a possibility, but not to the only one! Therefore we take the descending path to attain knowledge because without it, we can get very lost.

Maharaj went on to say that if conclusions are based on the senses then there are flaws. Philosophical speculation based on scriptures are okay. Maharaj gave the following analogy to explain mental speculation, “It’s like working in a dark room with no clue or clarity, and every now and then a glimmer of light comes but no real sense of what to do or where to go.” Srila Prabhupada’s translations give us a real understanding of the context of scriptures. Maharaj ended on a hope-giving note that as Krsna becomes bigger in ones’ life then all the suffering and obstacles become smaller. We are getting to a liberated state by living in temples because then we don’t have to deal with so many things on the outside.

In the days that followed, Maharaj was able to get some writing done & went on his daily walk over the Radhadesh hill on the road leading down to BLS & the temple. A few disciples accompanied him on the scenic route, which due to the steepness left some gasping for breath however Maharaj being fitter than most, having done the 5km walk each day over the last year, was steaming ahead with no sign of tiredness.

On Sunday (09 July), he gave the morning Caitanya Caritamrta class stating that an important aspect to diving deeper into Krsna Consciousness is to read the literature of the Goswamis to really understand the explanations of the sentiments of the interactions of loving devotional service. A few key books to read are the two plays Rupa Goswami has written – Vidagdha Madhava (Krsna’s pastimes within Vraja) & Lalita Madhava (Krsna pastimes outside of Vraja). In the purports, Srila Prabhupada gives a lot of emphasis & encouragement to read these books also. The pastimes in these books are like a hot sugar cane; too hot & very sweet, but the combination makes it taste even better. The separation from Krsna is too hot to handle! And the pastimes with Krsna are too sweet to not have. Maharaj explained also that Rupa Goswami was able to perceive & witness aspects of these pastimes. Maharaj ended on the point that in Srivas Angan some still directly perceive the kirtans & others can do so through the scripture but nonetheless they are still happening and are accessible!

The next journey Maharaj took was to New York City, USA, the first place that Srila Prabhupada penetrated with pure Krsna Consciousness in the West for the masses! Stay tuned…

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