(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 15 January 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Srimad Bhagavatam Lecture)

As long as we are too preoccupied in dealing with what is happening to ourselves, “My situation, my desires, my problems, my issues, my experiences!” as long as that is in the foreground of our thinking, we are in trouble because by nature we will be disturbed. This is just the fundamental script; no matter what the play is, wherever the play is, whoever is in the play, the basic fundamental principle in any play – whether it is Mediterranean or in Helsinki – it does not matter; we will be upadruta, always disturbed. This is the situation; this agitating factor is just the nature of things.

Prabhupada emphasised this point in many situations. He used the Hindi proverb, “Delhi ka laddu khaya, ya nahi khaya,” meaning that whether you have eaten Delhi ka laddu (sweetballs from Delhi) or not eaten, the problem is still there. Some are thinking, “Oh, I never ate this laddu!” Whereas others are thinking, “I have eaten too many laddus!”

In other words, still agitated. Prabhupada used the example of in the case of marriage, “Unhappy when not married, unhappy when married!” So whatever the situation, make the best of it, make it work!

We all carry this agitation within us. It is a fundamental thing. Maya makes us think that the solution to deal with agitation is to find the situation where we are least agitated and that is called a ‘comfortable situation’ even though it is not the solution to deal with agitation.

However, the real solution is to not focus on ourselves but to focus on the well-being of others! This the change the we need to make. It takes a long time to successfully do that. Gradually in spiritual life, we have to embrace the well-being of others and make this our meditation, “How can I pass on mercy to others?” When this becomes our meditation, then spiritual life becomes susukham kartum avyayam (Bhagavad-gita 9.2), joyfully performed!

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