(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 04 October 2009, Phoenix, South Africa, Kartik Lecture)

In 1986, I was very involved in the construction of Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi in Mayapur. There was NO LIMIT to what had to be arranged for that building! One day I looked at the Samadhi and it looked like a huge face with a big mouth, and the mouth just said, “Aniyor! Aniyor! Bring me more! Bring me more!”

And I brought trucks of cement, steel, bricks, stone, marble. I brought engineers and draughtsmen, drawing and technical experts and I had to deal with endless things…

I used to chant my rounds during mangal arati because I had to start working at six and in the evenings I was so tired that I would just crash. I was SO totally busy!

In the middle of that, one day Lokanath Maharaj came to me! At that time, in 1986, Lokanath Maharaj had the Padayatra. This Padayatra had a mad elephant and the elephant would pick up people and throw them about! There was also a camel that would bite people! And there were many villagers from India, MANY of them! They had many dioramas, exhibitions and tractors and everything!

Lokanath Maharaj came to me and said, “I want you to look after the Padayatra when we come to Mayapur.”

I said, “Maharaj, please Maharaj, have mercy! Maharaj, I am so busy! Maharaj, I have hardly any time to chant my rounds! One more straw Maharaj and it will break the camel’s back…”

I thought, “Finished, I got out of it!” And then, Lokanath Maharaj said, “You know, in my village, they say that if you want to get something done, you go to a busy man because a man who is not busy, is a lazy man! So if you go to him, he won’t do anything! But a busy man is by nature very active – he may be busy and he may not be able to do so much but at least he will do something! So if you want something done you go to a busy man!”

What could I say after that! Defeated by village logic!

So there I was, I had a camel that would bite, a mad elephant and then all the villagers who would constantly want something, “There is no water! We are hungry. We want maha prasadam!” God, they wanted everything! I was like the father of the Padayatra!

So this story is for all of you because I know you are busy people. And since you are all very busy, you all have no time. And I would have sympathised with you… until I met Lokanath Maharaj! He just totally smashed my illusion and made it completely clear – sorry if you are busy but you are the right person! You are the right person to do something extra! Something extra and it may be not a big thing but at least something because busy people are by nature active.

Yes, you are the right people for Kartik! Kartik is made for you busy people – the too busy people! This month of Kartik is for becoming a little more busy! In this way, we all can be busy in the service of Krsna and do something special…

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