Those who joined the parikrama party in 2016 don’t need an introduction but in case you missed the opportunity, you can get on board this year for the Vrindavan Braj Parikrama 2017 with Kadamba Kanana Swami. Once again, we will travel to holy places in the larger Vrindavan area where we will engage in melodious kirtan and read from scriptures on the glories of each site!

Please find the parikrama schedule below but as always, dates are subject to change.

  • 25 Oct Raval and Brahmanda Ghata
  • 26 Oct Surabhi Kund
  • 27 Oct Santanukunda and Madhuvan
  • 28 Oct Day of rest – Initiations at Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala
  • 29 Oct Sanketa and Anjanoka
  • 30 Oct Sudevi Mandir and Unchagaon
  • 31 Oct Prema Sarovara
    (Ekadasi, Srila Gaura Kisordasa Babaji disappearance day)
  • 1 Nov Rama Ghat and Chir Ghat
  • 2 Nov Harinama in Vrindavan
  • 3 Nov Boat trip to Mathura, Visrama Ghata. Return by bus

The 2016 Parikrama

Last year, was loads of fun and you can read a summary or watch a short video of the experience.

Braj Parikrama 

For more info, please contact Adi Kesava,


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