We’ve had extensive coverage of the parikrama on Facebook with daily livestreams and photos. The video and audio recordings are still to come but in case you are not a Facebook user, here are all the photos again.

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Day 1 – Brahmanda Ghat and Raval

Day 2 – Surabhi Kund and Govardhana

Day 3 – Madhuvana

Day 4 – Initiations

Day 5 – Sanketa Bihari and Anjanoka

Day 6 – Sudevi Mandir and Unchagaon

Day 7 – Prema Sarovara and Barsana

Day 8 – Rama Ghat and Chir Ghat

Day 9 – Harinama in Vrindavan

Day 10 – Boat trip to Mathura

Parikrama photos by Rasacarya Das.

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