(Kadamba Kanana Swami, September 2017, Cape Town, South Africa, Evening Class)

There are many people out there hankering for something spiritual, looking for some deeper meaning to life. Just one devotee stepping into the middle of someone’s life with a book can change the destiny of that person completely. Just one book makes such a huge difference!

Those who are not such good book distributors can sponsor books. Sponsored books help – then we can give away books almost for free.

In Soweto, at the Ratha Yatra, devotees were giving away these big Krsna Books, hardbound with the silver covers. You know these big ones with the colour plates. That is a beautiful book. Somebody had a whole bunch of them and gave the books away to people who were not rich. Those who got the book were holding it like they were ready to fight for it, “No one is going to take this off me. I got something really good today.” They were dancing in kirtan after that with the book! They were not putting it down. That book was under their arm and stayed there all the way throughout the dance. So sponsor books!

Some people will be better at book distribution than others and that is always going to be like that. You never know who, sometimes even really shy people, are very successful. If we can overcome our own false ego, our own fear and if somehow or other, we do it, then we will be amazed by what results Krsna will give us. Otherwise, sponsor books because if we, as a community, put the distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books in the foreground where we want more people to get books, then so many wonderful things will happen.

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