(Kadamba Kanana Swami, September 2017, Cape Town, South Africa, Evening Class)

Printing books certainly is our family business. There is no doubt about that. Although the early days of ISKCON were centred around harinama and distribution of magazines on the street still Prabhupada printed books. Prabhupada had arranged books to be printed and there were basements filled with books and no one knew what to do with them. 

So the books were being stored in the basement but one devotee in particular, Buddhimanta, once he took some of these books with him in the car. At one point, they needed petrol and had no money so he did a swap – the book for petrol and that is where it started. “People actually take these books. They are not only basement books. They are not only just sitting there but people are actually interested in them.” That is basically what was discovered at the time and book distribution began.  Buddhimanta was one of these pioneers who would drive people. He was like the army sergeant type.

Later, he went to Australia and Hari Sauri mentioned that Buddhimanta just basically told him, “Hari Sauri, get out of the car and distribute this book.”
His mind was totally freaking out, “Please, anything but out of the car.”
“No, out of the car and on the street.”
So he approached someone and that person just took the book. He did not even have to say anything, Krsna was there. That is a fact that the Supersoul is present and if the Supersoul was not there, what can we do? But because Krsna as the Supersoul, as Paramatma is within the heart of everyone, he can just take over!

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