At some point, you become too famous, even for Facebook! Our Facebook account has grown steadily and reached the limit of 5000 friends over a year ago. For some reason, only known to Mark Zuckerberg, we cannot accept more friends. And after reaching this limit, Facebook started “suggesting” that we create a page. After months of getting those “suggestions”, we decided to breathe life into an official KKSBlog Facebook Page.

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We already published the latest articles from KKSBlog to our spanking new page. And, if everything went according to plan, you should see the new articles appearing on your wall.

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No worries. Visit the new page and hit that “Like” button and you are all set. And if you don’t want to miss anything click the “Follow” button and check the “See First”. Now you can’t escape us anymore!


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Who is KKSBlog?

Although things might seem to go on automatically, it actually is a big operation done by our team. Daily and weekly newsletters, new articles on KKSBlog, Facebook, Twitter and on top of that (live) videos. Without the continuous (almost daily) input of our editor, our in-house technician, our transcribers and our various other contributors (who help with recordings, taking photos and supplying other media), this would not be possible. You can see who is and who was on the team, on our About page. And of course, a big thank you to Kadamba Kanana Swami for being the source of all our material 🙂

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Yep, things cost money and so does our website, software and other needs. But instead of just asking for financial help we offer you something better; why not make a purchase from our online store. In that way, you give and get something. The perfect combo!

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