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We thought it would never happen but modern times are pushing forward even for the good’ol KKSwami CD’s. Who needs shiny, plastic discs when you can stream your tunes to your fancy new smart speaker?! Move over antiquated cd player and welcome iTunes, Spotify or one of many other services out in the wild. So KKSBlog is taking a bold step into the future by publishing audio albums from Kadamba Kanana Swami on those very modern platforms for your pleasure and convenience.

Enough with the words. Let’s get those tunes!!!

Metamorphosis (2016)

Still available on CD. Click here…

Pure Enjoyment (2015)

Also still available on CD. Click here…

Heart & Soul (2014)

And again still available on CD (spotting a trend?). Click here…

Vaisnava Seva (2000)

Aaah. not available on CD anymore… 😉

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