(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 December 2017, Sydney, Australia, Bhagavad-gita 1.1)

It is said in the scriptures that when we have a goal which is other than satisfying the senses of Krsna, then we will remain in anxiety. When our goal is to control, then anxiety will follow – “Will I get it? What do I do? I hope nothing will go wrong! Is it going to work or not? Let me cross my fingers, cross everything, even my toes!” Everything is crossed in the hope that it will go according to our wishes, but there is no guarantee, none at all. This is because the protection of Krsna is the only thing that can give us continuous success. Temporary success without Krsna can be attained, but then one might start to think, “I am a self-made man. I started with nothing, but by hard labour, I built up this entire business empire. It was all my own strength”. Self-made man, huh? So they did not have a father or a mother? One simply takes advantage of the material opportunities available to them, and it is Krsna who presents the results to them.

In India, almost every shop owner starts the day by performing a puja of Goddess Lakshmi – “Lakshmi Lakshmi Lakshmi!”. All everyone wants is Lakshmi. But there is still no guarantee, because even after one performs such puja of Lakshmi, it does not mean that Lakshmi will stay. This is because Lakshmi is cancalam (‘fickle’).

So then we are restless, like a child going from a book to an iPad to sitting down to jumping; constantly changing. That is the nature of material existence – to have a flickering mind. So we must try to fix our mind on Krsna, because that is the only place where the mind can remain fixed. Everything else we want for ourselves, but even when we attain that material goal of ours, we will still not feel satisfaction, because our desire for wanting more will always remain.

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