(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 December 2017, Govinda Valley, Australia, Initiation Lecture)

We should understand that we are always accepted by Krsna through the prayer of our spiritual master. Therefore, we continue to remain indebted to our spiritual master. How often emails are exchanged between the Guru and the disciple does not define the relationship. We are living in a crazy world where the communication is bizarre – never have people tried to communicate through telecommunications as much as now – it is just insane! Sometimes I am asked, “Why did you not answer my email?” I could give different answers to that. An answer I sometimes give, “Well, I was chanting Hare Krsna!” If I don’t answer your email, at least know that I was chanting my rounds. The relationship between a Guru and his disciple is very different to all this constant communication!

It is an eternal relationship that can never be broken. Nothing can break it, not even us. One can walk away from it but still we cannot break it. The relationship will always stay! It is a lasting bond that is created between the Guru and disciple where the Guru is the representative of Krsna. When we take the vows to the Guru, remember that we are actually making the vows to Lord Krsna. The spiritual master accepts the vows on behalf of Krsna and supervises them on behalf of Krsna. One might be able to run away from the Guru in keeping these vows but one cannot run away from Krsna!

Krsna once wanted to plant pearls. His parents told him, “What are you doing Krsna? You cannot plant pearls. They do not sprout or produce plants.” But Krsna convinced them that they do! He planted the pearls, watered them with milk and sure enough, these pearls sprouted and produced many bushes that produced many more pearls. Therefore, the vows of initiation are like such pearls. We are getting a great gift. The vows are very valuable and one must do something with them. One cannot just keep the gift, “Yep, got that, initiation done! Now I will just do my rounds and fulfill the daily quota.” No! We must take the vows, take the pearls, plant them and water them with hearing, chanting, devotional service and making sacrifices for Krsna – doing something extraordinary with the vows! If we do, then the vows will produce amazing results – that is the idea! It is a great treasure that we must take advantage of. The job is not done. We got the pearls, now we must plant and water them!