You are probably aware or must have heard about the coming GDPR regulations that will go in effect on May 25th 2018. From this date the new EU law governs the use of your personal private data that we collect and store on KKSBlog. Although there are currently already regulations applicable, the GDPR extends these rules and the rights that people have over their personal data. Please read on how KKSBlog is affected and what we did to comply to the new law.

Your Private Data

When you use KKSBlog, have an account or use our services (like our shop) we collect and store personal information. When you are subscribed to our newsletter(s) then you agreed to receive regular (email) news and we store your email address and other data. Collecting and storing your data is required to offer you these services. With the GDPR you have the right to request to view / delete this personal data. For a complete overview how we collect, store and process your data and your rights please read our new Privacy Policy.

Daily & Weekly Newsletters

We need your permission to store your email address (and first & last name) and send newsletters. Everyone who is subscribed to our newsletter will soon receive a request for consent. Make sure you reply and give us your consent otherwise you will not receive our newsletters anymore.

What is the GDPR exactly?

The GDPR consists of a long list of regulations for the handling of consumer data. Here is a good video about it. (warning, may induce sleep or drowsiness).


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