(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 20 December 2012, Durban, South Africa, Srimad Bhagavatam 12.6.40)

Sometimes, some souls stay together for a number of lifetimes in different relationships. It depends; they may not always be husband and wife. They may change roles – the husband may become the wife and the wife becomes the husband, or one may become a child. So many varieties of karmic relationships may be there, changes may be there but some souls may be connected for a while, then time will separate them. But between vaisnavas, eternal relationships can be established. They exist when vaisnavas engage together in glorification of the Supreme Lord. Then everything becomes eternal… relationships become eternal and continue in the spiritual world. That is even possible for devotees to continue their eternal relationships in the eternal realm.

Also, the relationship between Guru and disciple is described to be eternal. But the question may be raised, does that mean that the relationship was already there before!? Eternal means ever after but also ever before! This is a topic that has been debated many times and there are opinions, and it is not so (clear), we don’t have so much clear indication. Some have said yes, eternal means ever after and ever before! Others have said, eternal means from now on forever. That if a relationship develops here in this world that it continues forever. Whatever may be, the most important focus for us is that it is forever…

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  1. giri govardhana d on

    the state of mind & intelligence we inheritated while under this material covering enable us to make distinctions between past present and future (and same with dimensions) . In the spiritual realm, you don’t compute this way. Your clock is not anymore limited or quantified….We can’t conceive with our present assets. Even conceiving Brahma cosmic clock (which is material) you can’t make it…..Matérial Light have a quantic or atomic aspect with molecules (photon) having a speed, is deviated by gravity etc , and it have also at the same time an impersonal energetic diffuse aspect (that you can verify with interferences experiments) and only the Védas are here to teach us , that above all this , is a person in command of the sun (Surya dev). Similarly, on the spiritual platform Krishna the supreme Person is in command of His diffuse impersonal aspect (Brahman) as well as his quantic, atomic , présence in the heart of the atom and the living entity. Only the Védas & his ambassador SP are here to give access to this personal understanding. Therefore, the concept of a person is above everything. So when you love the person, you can know his energies also but you don’t care about them, and the influences of time and dimension are not anymore relevant and don’t interest you anymore.
    With a material example, you can understand (if that happen to you) ,when you are so much in love with a lady (or oppositely) , you become involved in another trip in which you don’t care about her past and your past also, where she was , where you were….You just care about the person….