The Braja & Vrindavan parikrama’s are the perfect opportunity to delve deeply into the pastimes of Krishna, Radharani, the cowherd boys and the gopi’s. And again, in 2018, you can join the transcendental tours of Braja with Kadamba Kanana Swami. Find the schedule below for an overview. Registration is required to join as it helps us organizing it smoothly.

In less then a month the Braja parikrama’s will commence but you can already relive the experiences; 2017 and 2016.


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The costs of a parikrama is 130 Rupees per day. Kamyavan and Badrinath will be 220 Rupees per day.

* Limited seats available!!! Be sure to register quickly.

Vrindavana Pairikrama Schedule 2018

  • 12 Nov Madhuvan & Talavan
  • 13 Nov Varsana Parikrama
  • 14 Nov Puncari,Nrsimha Temple, Raghava Pandita’s Cave
  • 15 Nov. Radhakunda, Mukherai
  • 16 Nov Vrindakunda, Pavana Sarovara, Moti Kund
  • 17 Nov Prema Sarovara, Sanket, Anjanokha.
  • 18 Nov Kamyavan, Vrindadevi, Dharmakund, Lanka, Chaurasi Kambha, Vyomasura’s Cave
  • 19 Nov Ekadasi – by bus to Dauji, Raval
  • 20 Nov Manasi Ganga – Tribhuvanatha’s Samadhis, (Kusum Sarovara) Uddhava Kund, Narada Kund
  • 21 Nov Break (initiations)
  • 22 Nov Vrindavana
  • 23 Nov Ghantoli , Badrinatha

Practical notes

Some parikrama’s will start very early and end late. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather, take enough water with you and make sure you have a breakfast and/or lunch pack with you! Be mindful of your luggage and valuables during the trips. The management is not responsible for lost luggage, theft and other misplaced items.

Contact info

Your contact person for the Braja parikrama’s in 2018 is Charu vinda prabhu. You can find his details below.

Cel. number +919082271007
WhatsApp +971555435545

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