From 12-22 Nov in 2018 Kadamba Kanana Swami took us again through the holy land of Braja Vrindavan on a parikrama tour of the most holy places connected to the pastimes of Krishna. Aditya made two introductory videos that you can watch below. And Antardvipa recorded the whole 9 days and compiled an excellent playlist of videos. If you cannot view the intro videos below go to our official youtube channel. Make sure to like & subscribe!

Intro 1 – Braja parikrama 2018

Intro 2 – Braja parikrama 2018

Braja Parikrama 2018 Playlist

A huge playlist of videos from the Braja Parikrama 2018. Recorded and compiled by Antardvipa. If you cannot see the video playlist below visit youtube.


Rukmini (plus Vasanti, Neil, Harsarani and Chandrasekhara) have written a beautiful series of articles describing the travels and stories of the 2018 parikrama. In nine articles they take you deeper into the holy places of Braja, Vrindavan and complement the already outstanding videos.

Read all 2018 braja parikrama articles by rukmini below or find them here.

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