(Kadamba Kanana Swami, November 2015, Vrindavan, India, Video Interview)

Why I love kirtan? I don’t know if I love kirtan but I am addicted to kirtan! Love is such a big word that I am afraid to use it, because love means really that Krsna is our all-in-all. I cannot say that but somehow or other, I have developed some attachment to kirtan. Of all the material elements, it is said that the ether is the most subtle and within the ether, there is only sound, whereas in other realms there are touch, taste, sound, smell… but in ether, there is only sound. Therefore it is said that sound is closest to the soul.

So I always liked music but when the holy name of Krsna was added to that, it became perfect because Krsna is non-different from his name. Therefore by chanting the name of Krsna, in beautiful melodies, we are getting the association of Krsna, and the melodies are bringing out different moods and rasas, so in that way it is easier to approach Krsna. That is why I like kirtan.

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