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An invitation

From Dawn till Dusk; singing and dancing on the murky streets of Amsterdam to transform it into a transcendental party.

Introspect and remembrance; sharing our connection and stories with Kadamba Kanana Swami during his Vyasa-puja.

You are warmly invited to join us in Radhadesh and partake in the annual birthday party of Kadamba Kanana Swami which comes with an extra surprise harinam in Amsterdam! Get your party hats (orange ones), dancing shoes and make your way to Radhadesh!

Festival dates

  • Fri 26 Apr – Arrivals & start of festival
  • Sat 27 Apr – Kinsgday in Amsterdam
  • Sun 28 Apr – Vyasa-puja festival
  • Mon 29 Apr – Workshop “Bridge preaching” & Initiations
  • Tue 30 Apr – Departures

Your support

Like every year we aim to make the festival and prasadam for free. But this is not possible without your financial contribution. Fundraising will be handled by Gopali dd and she will be contacting you again to help make our goal a reality.

Festival fee

Organising two festivals (Vyasa-puja and the Kingsday) costs a lot of money. To give you an idea; accommodation costs are almost €6000, prasadam €9000, bus rental €5200, Kinsdag €2000 and other costs. In total approx. 23.000 euro. To cover these expenses we still have to charge a fee. See below the proposed fees for 2019.

  • Accommodation fee: €50 (shared room), €32 (dorms), €30 (ashrama)
  • Prasadam fee: €35 (kids from 1-10 years : €17,50)

Festival Registration

Registration for both festivals is mandatory and will start on the 1st of Feb 2019!

More info…

You will find all the festival details, travel info and frequently answered questions on the official Vyasa-puja website. Click here…

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