We had fun. We danced, rocked and sang our lungs out. We associated, connected and gained friendships. The festivals are over but our connection has strengthened. These are some words to describe the Vyasa-puja and Kings day festivals for 2019. We all joined to experience these happenings and we hope, as a team, that it brought you happiness and more understanding.

During the festival days so many things are happening so it was easy to miss something. Therefore we collected some festival highlights to share with you. Some programs were streamed to Facebook and Youtube and others to Radhadesh.tv. May this article guide you to the right place. During the classes and workshop Kadamba Kanana Swami frequently mentions the 2018 parikrama in Vrndavana and his new book (Under the desire trees). If you want to relive those past moments go here.

Vyasa-puja book

Download: Vyasa-puja book 2019 (pdf)


Here are the recordings from a few programs at the Vyasa-puja festival 2019. If the audio player below does not show go here to listen to these tracks. Download all recordings here.


Srimad Bhagavatam 9.15.25 – 26-apr-2019

Caitanya caritamrta Anthya 4.211 – 28-apr-2019

Srimad Bhagavatam 9.15.27-30 – 29-apr-2019

Srimad Bhagavatam 9.15.31 – 30-apr-2019


Festival Opening – 26 Apr 2019

Vyasa-puja ceremony – 28 apr 2019

Workshop “Bridging the Gap” – 29 apr 2019

Initiation ceremony – 29 apr 2019

Temple bhajans – 29 Apr 2019


You can find all videos in the VP2019 playlist on the KKSBlog Youtube channel if you cannot view the videos below…

Vyasa-puja Ceremony

Drama “Creeper of Devotion

Voiceless Drama by Syamananda. We apologize for the low video quality. Streaming (to youtube) was, again, a technological challenge. Below you will find the Facebook live stream also.

Workshop “Bridging the gap…”

Initiation Ceremony – 29 apr 2019

Facebook live

Here are links to all the live videos as streamed to Facebook.

Festival Opening

Comedy Skit (Uk)

Morning Class – CC Anthya lila 4.211

Vyasa-puja ceremony – part 1 (opening & offerings)

Vyasa-puja ceremony – part 2 (offerings & guru puja)

Drama “Creeper of Devotion” by Syamananda

Comedy Skit (Uk) & Drama “Servant in Kingly Dress”

Morning Class SB 9.15.27-30

Workshop “Bridging the gap…”

Initiation ceremony

Morning Class SB 9.15.31


Check out this amazing photo album on facebook for the full experience, an nd the Kingsday can be found here. But here are a few highlights… (photos courtesy by Gokularanjana, Naimisaranya and others.)

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