You might have noticed that things have slowed down a bit on KKSBlog. We used to post daily quotes & stories, regular audio recordings and more of that good stuff. In March 2019 we merged our weekly and daily newsletters into one renamed issue to make it more clear to our readers. All in all, things are changing.

Since June of this year, we said goodbye to our stalwart editor and welcomed Nara Narayana from Australia. (See our team page). We lost a few of our regular transcribers but are now training new ones as we speak. Plus, with modern times slowly catching up with the status quo of KKSBlog, we need to adapt!

(Missing) Audio Recordings

Every month (at least in 2019 and earlier) our stalwart editor used to publish one big article with all the audio recordings collected from that month. Alas, since the rise of live videos on Facebook, this has currently ceased. Getting audio recordings from live videos proved to be too difficult and time consuming for our current limited resources. To complicate matters, live videos are published by different persons and from various sources, so keeping track of them was too much to handle for our current team at KKSBlog.

Looking Ahead

We do however have some good news!

We are looking into restarting the recording of kirtans and lectures together with Kadamba Kanana Swami! Once that is finalized, we should be getting regular audio recordings again.

If you happen to be at a program with Kadamba Kanana Swami, please aid him with getting it recorded properly! And by properly, we mean a high quality audio recording using a dedicated audio recorder with a microphone, so not your mobile phone! If you like to know more, please contact us.

Expanding the (free) media on KKSBlog is our new focus (read about it below). That means, we will create an easier and more accessible way to find and download free media… Stay tuned!

The travel schedule of Kadamba Kanana Swami has finally been updated again (July 2019). Due to his current engagements in New York City, his schedule was not frequently renewed. But now we have the travel schedule until March 2020!

Shop & Sales on KKSBlog

The shop, and its sales, has been the lifeline to cover the yearly costs of keeping KKSBlog running. And the focus of KKSBlog has been to ‘heavily’ promote the shop. Kadamba Kanana Swami preferred to shift the focus more on “giving” and less on “selling”, so we will make some changes accordingly.

For all your sales & service questions, you can now use this email address: 

PS. We are still working on solving the problem with digital albums & MP3 downloads on Apple (iOS) devices!

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