(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 September 2014, Scottburgh, South Africa, Youth Programme)

Question: So how can we, the youth of the world, take on this great ideal where we say, “We are concerned with the happiness of all and not just our own happiness!”

Kadamba Kanana Swami: It can be done! It is definitely possible but only on one condition – that we work towards having a common goal. That is not hard to find, but it cannot be found on Earth because when we look at earthly things, we all have different goals in life. One wants a BMW, another a Mercedes and another an aeroplane!

Therefore, the only common goal is a spiritual one. That is what can bring us together. We all come from completely different backgrounds but behind these backgrounds, there is a concept of God. With a concept of God, it is possible for everyone to unite. With a concept of God, it is possible to find solutions for the world. When I see that a person, who is very different compared to me, is sincerely dedicated to God and is also trying to be a devotee like me, then we can appreciate each other even through our differences.

True brotherhood can be found when I see that a person, who is so different to me or so distant from me, is really trying to do something wonderful, something totally selfless; that is my brother! So we can see that such a union is only possible through a common spiritual goal.

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