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The annual Braja Vrindavana parikrama will bring you closer to Krishna, his family & friends and His pastimes. Find the registration details below. Registration is required and closes on 15th of Oct 2019.

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Dates & Schedule

  • 1st Nov – Govinda kund, Tribhuvanatha Samadhi, Nrsimha temple Puncari
  • 2nd Nov –  Gosvami Temples Vrindavana (bring your own prasadam)
  • 3-5 Nov Jaipur (registration closed)
  • 6th Nov –  Yavat, Vrindakund
  • 7th Nov –  Sanket, Anjanoka
  • 8th Nov –  Vrindavan parikrama (bring your own prasadam)
  • 9th Nov –  Unchagaon
  • 10th Nov – Rest
  • 11th Nov – Kamyavan
  • 12th Nov – Garuda Govinda, Rama Tala

* Schedule and programs are subject to change!

Practical points

  • Paid parikramas (250 RS/day ) are incl. bus seat, breakfast prasadam pack and a bottle of water.
  • Payment must be done ahead of time. After registration we will send the bank details to you. Refunds are not possible.
  • 2 Nov and 8 Nov are local parikramas by foot and are free of charge. (bring your own prasadam!)
  • We will depart daily at 6.30am and return by 2.30pm
  • Buses will depart from Chitrakut Ashrama, near big Hanuman
  • Registration closes by 15th October; seats are limited!

Interesting read…

Under the desire trees takes you through the intimate pastimes of the holy land of Vrindavana and Braja. This book was compiled from classes and stories recorded during the Vrindavana parikrama in 2018.

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