One cannot come to Vrndavana by road, boat, train, plane or helicopter, one simply cannot. One can only come by pure devotional service, there is no other way to come…

The Braja Parikrama 2019 is a chance for you to immerse yourself (again!) in the pastimes of Krsna and his family, on the strength of the holy name and devotional service. The registration is still open until the 15 October 2019. Make sure you register soon as bus seats are limited. Use the button below to register or go to the special parikrama page for more info.


Last year, we discovered places like the Nrsimha Temple, Dauji, Vyomasura’s cave and other places connected to Krsna’s pastimes. To increase your eagerness to join this year’s tour, watch this huge playlist of videos from Braja Parikrama 2018 that was recorded and compiled by Antardvip Dasa. If you cannot view the video playlist, please visit youtube.

Braja Parikrama 2018 playlist


Rukmini (along with Vasanti, Nara Nārāyaṇa, Harsarani and Chandrasekhara) have written a beautiful series of articles describing the travels and stories of the Braja Parikrama 2018. In nine articles, they take you deeper into the holy places of Braja, Vrndavana and complement the already outstanding videos.

Read all Braja Parikrama 2018 articles below or find them here.

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