Jaipur trip

Day 3, 4 and 5 takes us out of Vrindavan and to the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. This 3-day trip passes through Karoli in the search for the original deities (Radha Madan Mohan and Govindaji) of the Vrindavan temples that were moved during a Muslim invasion.


Videos from Karoli and Jaipur. If you cannot see the videos below go to our youtube channel.

Madan Mohan, Karoli


Gopinath Mandir

Morning class 5 nov Jaipur


Braja Parikrama 2019 Schedule

  • 1st Nov – Govinda kund, Tribhuvanatha Samadhi, Nrsimha temple Puncari
  • 2nd Nov – Gosvami Temples Vrindavana
  • 3-5 Nov – Jaipur
  • 6th Nov – Yavat, Vrindakund
  • 7th Nov – Sanket, Anjanoka
  • 8th Nov – Vrindavan Parikrama
  • 9th Nov – Unchagaon
  • 10th Nov – Rest
  • 11th Nov – Krishna Kund, Prem sarovara, initiations
  • 12th Nov – Garuda Govinda, Rama Tala

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