(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 8 January 2017, Brisbane, Australia, Govinda’s Program Lecture)

The material world is dominated by lust. That is what this world is all about; lust somehow or another in so many varieties and forms. The spiritual domain however, is dominated by love. 

Lust is self-centred; lust is ultimately asking, “What is in it for me?” Love on the hand is giving, love is aiming to please others. So that is spiritual consciousness, pleasing others. That is the essence of the spiritual world. This mantra that we are chanting, it comes directly from the spiritual world. And it is this mantra that leads us to the spiritual world, it lifts us up. At first a little, and then more and gradually fully to the spiritual platform, where we begin to understand that giving is the essence of existence. That is the only way we will be satisfied. And it is at this point that we realise that service to the Supreme Lord is really what our existence is all about. That is the perfection of life. 

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