(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 05 May 2019, Melbourne, Australia, Bhakti Vriksha Program)

By surrendering to a pure devotee, we are actually experiencing freedom. The pure devotee sets us free from our lower nature, the lower nature that we have due to our foolishness. Somehow or other, we got entangled in this lower nature and we know that we do not need it, but we still have it.

Take for example, uncontrolled anger! When people get angry, they often break things and it is a lot of damage which they have to pay for. They worked really hard for those things, but then they also break the things. So, uncontrolled anger is certainly a problem, part of a lower nature. Pride is another one – “Yes, I am so qualified! So incredibly qualified and therefore I have no problems. I have only one problem; that world does not recognise my glory.” But what we forget is that when we are very proud, there is nothing we can learn because we are under the impression that we already know everything.

Therefore, it is only when we become a little humble can we learn something meaningful such as how to overcome our lower nature. So like this, we have to grow, and it is through the association of devotees that we develop these qualities that can assist us in overcoming our false ego; overcoming our lower nature. 

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