Before we welcome 2020, here is a quick summary of 2019.

We got a new editor of KKSBlog, released new (and free) e-books, introduced a new online shop manager, published less articles but live-streamed more videos of kirtans and lectures from Maharaj’s travels across the world. With the shift in management, there has been a greater focus on free items and streaming videos on our YouTube channel, which quickly gained over 1000 subscribers in December 2019. Exciting times!

A new editor

Ragalekha Dasi has been our in-house editor for many years. She personally set the high standard of editing and tremendously improved the quality of materials published on KKSBlog. She has been an invaluable part of our team as an editor, a transcriber and, last but certainly not least, providing most of the regular media articles with audio recordings, which she personally edited. This suffices to say that we still miss her as an integral part of the KKSBlog team and we take this opportunity to thank Ragalekha Dasi for all the hard work she put into KKSBlog over the years. Haribol!

Our new editor obviously had some big shoes to fill in. As Krsna would have it, He arranged for the perfect candidate. Already in May 2018, a sincere devotee offered his services to KKSBlog as an assistant editor. And as of May 2019, we welcomed Nara Nārāyaṇa Dāsa from Australia as our new in-house editor. Together as a team, we will try to live up to the standards set by Ragalekha Dasi!


From 2019 and going forward, we are releasing more free media starting with e-books. You can download them directly from the ebook page.

Online shop

The shop and its sales has been the lifeline for KKSBlog to cover the yearly costs. This year, under the expert guidance of Gopali Devi Dasi, we distributed over 600 CDs, many e-books and created new digital download cards. The latest release is the New York kirtan album and Part 2 is already planned! If you would like to help with the distribution or have any questions regarding the sales, please contact Gopali Devi Dasi by sending all your sales & service questions to

Spotify & Youtube

Over 1000 subscribers on YouTube, 1200 listeners on Spotify and lots of room to grow. Did you know that all recent music albums are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify and even Amazon?! Launch your favorite streaming app on your mobile device and search for Kadamba Kanana Swami. Every stream will generate revenue for us, so we can grow even bigger!


We plan to add all classes, seminars, kirtans, bhajans and other media as podcasts. Check out our new SoundCloud account or take your smartphone, start your podcast app and search for Kadamba Kanana Swami. Bliss guaranteed!

Favorite articles in 2019

The Vyasa-Puja and Braja Parikrama articles always attract their fair share of views, as do the golden oldies. Luckily, we have a new contender for the Number 1 spot, and that is the new e-book page with all the freely downloadable books in PDF, EPUB and Kindle formats. Launched a few months ago, and already going up the list! Check it out for yourself.

  1. Vrindavan Parikama 2019
  2. Quotes from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta
  3. Jaipur – Braja Parikrama
  4. Media VP2019
  5. The Prayers of Prahlad
  6. Vrindavan Parikrama nov. 2018 – audio recordings
  7. PDF e-book collection
  8. The Demons represent Anarthas
  9. Loneliness is Maya
  10. The Age of Forgiveness

Which city are you from?

The question you get asked a lot while travelling in India. Well, here is the answer.

world map visitors

United Kingdom has beaten the United States of America this year with almost 3000 views more than in 2018! (see last year’s article). When will they beat India?

Financial Report 2019

At the beginning of 2019, the online shop management was changed and it is now taken care by Gopali Devi Dasi. Going forward, per request of Kadamba Kanana Swami, the financing of KKSBlog will be covered by the yearly Vyasa-Puja donations.

Before 2 Mar 2019
Hosting, security & Software (KBH)€ 579.85
Shipping costs (KBS)€ 0.00
Bank, PayPal, Bandcamp fees (KBF)€ 0.00
Streaming platform costs (KBST)€ 134.44€29.96
Hardware investments (KBI)€ 339.10€765.85
Product costs (KBP)€ 0.00
Other costs (KBO)€ 0.00€110.00
Total Costs€ 1,053.39€905.81
Total Income*€ 64.10€132.10
Balance€ -989.29€ -773.71

* These were sales from Q1 2019. The balance will be covered by the donations received from Vyasa-Puja.

Thank You

From all of us here at KKSBlog, we thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm throughout 2019 and wish you all a safe holiday season!

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