(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 28 May 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Srimad Bhagavatam 6.11.25)

It is important to always turn to Krsna and remember that Krsna will decide. Krsna has His plan. We can think of a chess board where we are a pawn on the chess board. So as a pawn on the chess board, we can see the squares that are closest to us. Oh, there is a horse coming! We can see that, so then we must watch out. But while there are a few squares around us that we can see, we cannot oversee the whole board. We cannot oversee the whole game. Krsna, however, is the chess player and He can see seven moves ahead. He is the ultimate chess player and so He knows everything! We can see the horse coming but we cannot see more than the immediate circumstances that we are in. All we can see is what is happening in our life right now and we see it as something good or something bad. But how do we know if something is really bad? How can we ever know?

Prabhupada told us a story about a King. There was a King and he was in the Royal Court where he was playing with an arrow and this arrow had a very sharp head. As the king was playing with this arrow, he made a wrong move and he cut a little piece of his finger. Well that was a national disaster! I mean, a piece cut off the royal finger. The whole kingdom had to lament about the royal finger. But there was one minister who said to the King, “Your majesty, this was a good thing. This has happened for a reason.” Of course, the King got really upset at the minister saying that it was good that the royal finger got cut off. “You think it was good? Well then it will also be good if you are put in the jail for a while!”, the King ordered. So in next moment, the soldiers came and dragged the minister off and threw him in the dungeons. After a few days, the King went into the forest for some hunting, but when he was in the forest, he got caught by some dacoits. These dacoits were worshipping Mahabhairava, which is the ghastly form of Durga, and so they decided that they would offer the King to Mahabhairava for auspiciousness. So these dacoits were getting the King ready for the sacrifice with the ornaments and all, but then they saw a piece was missing from the King’s finger. According to their tradition, if there is a piece missing, the person could not be offered. Oh no! So then, they allowed the King to go. After the King came back, he was thinking about his minister and called for him. He told the minister that he was right. “It was good after all that I cut that piece off my finger because it saved my life, but one thing I do not understand is why it was good that you were in jail… how is that good?”, the King asked. The minister replied that it was very good actually that he was in jail, because if he was not, he would have been with the King on the hunting trip and when the dacoits let the King go, they would have sacrificed him (the minister) instead. So in this way, Krsna can see so many moves ahead and we simply cannot. So we may think sometimes that our current circumstances are bad, but maybe what is bad now later turns out to be good. So in this way, Krsna is actually protecting us.

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