In 2020 we are celebrating the 15th birthday of KKSBlog, the official website for news and media about Kadamba Kanana Swami. We have grown from a simple blog to a thriving community; website, shop, social media, Youtube channel, Facebook page and Twitter. Supported by a dedicated team that tries to bring you the best.

Because many of our new and existing viewers are searching for ‘Kadamba Kanana Swami’ on Facebook and other social media we are rebranding the name. The Twitter account name is now Media KKSwami.

Facebook page

The next rebrand is the name of our Facebook page. Currently it is known as “kksblognews” and this has served us well through the years. But when analyzing the numbers we found that most of you are not looking or searching for KKSBlog. So we are about to change the name to “Media Kadamba Kanana Swami” so its more easily found.

When the change is made we will inform you so keep an eye on our facebook page for the latest rebranding efforts.

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