(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 September 2017, Phoenix, Mauritius, Sri Sri Golokananda Temple Lecture)

Haridasa Thakura said that if the holy name is being chanted purely when the cleansing has been done, then the holy name will give us real love of God. He continued that it is said that it is just like the rising of the sun.

In the morning, before the sun rises, there is already light in the sky but the sun is still behind the horizon. You do not see the disc of the sun, yet the light is already there. Then slowly, the red disc of the sun comes along the horizon, and then we see the sunlight directly. So when the disc is not yet visible, it is the reflection of the sun, not the actual sun. In the same way, if we have not cleansed and adopted the principles of purity, both by our behaviour and changing our character, then the holy name will not be fully manifested, and then all that will be manifested is this nāmābhāsa – the dim reflection of the holy name. So this can purify us from birth and death and it can purify us from karma, but it will not yet give us Krsna prema. But, if we chant the holy name purely, then we become intoxicated, and then we become carried away by the holy name.

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