(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 September 2017, Phoenix, Mauritius, Sri Sri Golokananda Temple Lecture)

If you go to Mayapur and you go on the side of the Ganga to take a bath in it, you have the ground under your feet and you walk in the water moving forward on your own strength. But if you go deep into the water, then what will happen? The current of the Ganga will just drag you away. And there is nothing you can do, it will just take you. Bhakti is the same. In the beginning, you have to take different steps yourself – you have to follow this principle and you have to do this duty and so on. You have to take all these steps yourself until you go deep into bhakti and then the current of bhakti will just take you away. The current of ecstasy! The current of love!

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