(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2 December 2019, Canberra, Australia, Home Program Lecture)

Krsna is everywhere because He is all-pervading. Not only is the brahmajyoti (effulgence) of Krsna present everywhere, on which everything is resting, but Krsna Himself is present everywhere in different forms. Sometimes He is in the form of Nrsimhadeva, sometimes He is in the form of Varaha and other times He is in His sweet form playing His flute. So basically, Krsna’s mercy is constantly there.

The dust jacket of the First Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam is very special as Srila Prabhupada designed it himself. There, he drew a map of the entire spiritual world. This map shows Goloka Vrndavana, the abode of Krsna, in the shape of a lotus. In the inside of the petals of this lotus, we have Mathura. On the outside, we have Ayodhya. Then there is the effulgence, in which are the many Vaikuntha planets where different forms of Vishnu reside. Then, at the border of the Viraja river, which separates the material world and the spiritual world, we find Mahavishnu. Now, this is the outside of the dust jacket. Once you look at the inside, you can read the texts which are also very interesting. There, Srila Prabhupada writes that the spiritual sky is all-pervading and Krsna covers a portion of that spiritual sky with a cloud of illusory energy. So nobody knows about it and hence why we have forgotten about it.

In the beginning when chanting the Hare Krsna mahamantra, we are perceiving the chanting through the three material levels – intellect, mind and the senses – and that is how we relate everything. So if we listen to the mahamantra through our senses, we go, “Ahhh, so nice to hear!” with the idea of obtaining immediate enjoyment. If we start perceiving it through our mind, we start dreaming about it in an intuitive way. If we are using intellect, we start asking questions about what the words of the mahamantra mean in an analytical way. So this is how we perceive the chanting of the Hare Krsna mahamantra in the beginning. Therefore, while chanting at this stage, we are actually not seeing Krsna. We are not perceiving Krsna.

But when the goswamis were chanting, they could not just see the form of Krsna but they could see His pastimes too. The pastimes of the spiritual sky actually came in front of them, simply by chanting. So that is the spiritual potency of chanting – the chanting descends into the material realm, where it lifts the veil of illusion. Through this ongoing process of chanting, we slowly begin to remember our original spiritual relationship of Krsna. This is the purpose of our activities of chanting the Holy Name; to revive our relationship with the Supreme Personality.

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