(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2 February 2020, London, United Kingdom, Bhagavad-gita 9.22)

Krsna consciousness is not a dreamy state of mind. Krsna consciousness is about realism. It is about actually seeing things as they are. To understand things a little deeper, then a little further; it is about looking up a little bit beyond the clouds. To actually see what is behind, and so on. Where is all this energy coming from? Even when we stand in front of the ocean and witness wave after wave washing ashore and we also notice that there is a powerful wind behind it, but where does all this energy come from? The sun is shining, but where does all this energy come from? All these planets are rotating, but where is all this energy coming from? And we feel dwarfed in front of a mountain, but what is a mountain in front of a universe? And what is a universe in front of many universes? How can we conceive the opulence of nature? And where does all that power come from? It always recalls the understanding of a Supreme Lord, a Supreme Controller. And when we come to the point of swallowing the bitter pill and actually accepting that we are not the Supreme, it hurts a little, but what to do? We are always inferior to the Supreme Lord, ouch! And when we actually come to the point that we are bowing down to Him, then everything finally starts to work!

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