NEW Kirtaniyah Sada Harih Book & Jarikhanda Album
by Kadamba Kanana Swami
are in stock!

Kirtaniyah-Sada- Harih is an ideal companion for the sincere chanter.

In this book, Kadamba Kanana Swami is taking us on a pleasant and truly transformational adventure, full of spiritual nectar, inspiration, hope, and light. During this profound trip, we learn what really means to chant, how to develop a firm faith and awaken our love for Krishna, how to connect with the Holy Name, how to maintain this connection and develop the strength to conquer our mind. Along the way, we will also go through our personal reflections and much more! Are you ready to begin the most fulfilling ride of your life?

In this era of Kali, the age defined by quarrel and hypocrisy, there is no other way, there is no other way, there is no other way than chanting the holy name.

Kadamba Kanana Swami is kindly sharing with us extremely useful tips and instructions based on his personal reflections and experiences on how to reawaken our original love for Krishna. May all living entities become calm and peaceful by practising Bhakti Yoga.

Besides the book, Kadamba Kanana Swami has also released a new album called Jarikhanda which is absorbed in ecstatic love of God. Caitanya Mahaprabhu wandered through the forest. A tiger was laying on the path and Mahaprabhu touched its head with His lotus foot. The tiger jumped up and loudly started chanting the holy name of Krsna. Then the forest animals began to dance, and the deer and tigers embraced one another.

Jarikhanda stands for empowerment beyond limits by the Lord’s mercy. These days we live in city jungles and people have become like prey and predator. May all chant, dance and embrace one another. May the world unite in kirtan.

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