(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30 November 2019, Brisbane, Australia, Sunday Feast Lecture)

Just like children only want to eat sweets, we only want kirtan. But we must not forget about the philosophy in Krsna consciousness because without this philosophy, we have no anchor. Without philosophy, we are on the waves of the three modes of material nature. The three modes of material nature exist inside of us and they exist around us too. And the two are not always the same – sometimes externally everything is very peaceful, however, there is a storm within us. So in this way, we can see how the three modes of material nature act within us and without us.

Srila Prabhupada said that we should associate with the mode of goodness, and the mode of goodness is that which is touched by the transcendental knowledge. So by associating with transcendental knowledge, we become fixed in that knowledge and then we can preach to our mind. Our mind can be like a child out of control, and what do we do with a child who is out of control? We try to distract the mind of the child with something. In a similar way, our mind also needs to be engaged and brought under control. This means engaging the mind in some service, and then comes philosophy, our anchor. It is through this philosophy that we start to develop some understanding of what is going on and we see that so many things are changing, but one thing has remained constant. One this has not been affected by anything, and that is our external relationship with Lord Krsna. It is then that we start to see that our eternal relationship with Krsna was always there. Maybe we forgot about it, but it was always there and it still continues to be there. This cannot change. No matter what we do, that relationship with Krsna is always there whether we believe in it or not, whether we want it or not, whether we invest in it or not. We will always remain an eternal servant of Krsna!

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