(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 4 August 2020, Radhadesh, Belgium, Last Journey to London Notes)

The sraddha-bindu, the drop of faith that we get from the devotees, is the greatest possession of a devotee. The main thing about a devotee is his deep faith in Krsna. As a result, he has no faith in anything else. Having strong faith in Krsna means that we lose our faith in the material energy. We do not believe anymore that the material energy will bring us the greatest benefits. No, when we have sraddha-bindu, when we have a drop of faith in Krsna consciousness, then all other faith will be diminished – all the faith that we have in a glorious birth, the faith in material possessions, the faith in great education, the faith in great bodily beauty – they all disappear.

Why does this happen? It is not that a vaisnava does not need a place to stay. Oh, it is not that. A vaisnava may like some comfort, but everything comes with a price and then the price to pay to obtain all these things, who can pay that price? That price will take away all our energy and our time, and how much energy and time do we have? A vaisnava is always asking how much energy and time can we preserve for Krsna? Therefore, a vaisnava naturally wants to save energy and time for serving Krsna and automatically, there is less preoccupation with these material things. All these temporary gains then do not matter. Some level of comfort, yes, but then it is enough. Then we spend our time with the real meaning of life – hearing and chanting – which is our eternal wealth. Whenever we glorify Krsna, that will go to our eternal bank account and we will have eternal wealth. Daivi sampad – eternal wealth. So sraddha-bindu, this drop of faith, will change everything. It begins with a drop but the drop of faith will lead us to devotional service and that devotional service itself will increase our faith until we have a puddle of faith, until we have a lake of faith, until we have an ocean of faith, until there is only faith in Krsna and all we will want will be Krsna. That will happen! That is the nature of devotional service because it satisfies the heart. Therefore, sraddha-bindu, only a drop of faith, that is all we need!

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