(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 13 September 2018, Durban, South Africa, Northdene Program Lecture)

It is our goal to always be one in thought with Krsna. One of the symptoms of surrendering in devotional service is to have no other interest other than the interest in Krsna. Of course, it is not that our thoughts are always aligned with Krsna, what to speak of our actions, however our meditation remains to cultivate pure devotional service so that we can be one in thought with Krsna. We have the following words – anukulyasya sankalpah, accepting whatever is favourable to devotional service; pratikulyasya varjanam, rejecting unfavourable things; raksisyatiti visvaso, to have full faith that Krsna will protect us; and goptrtve varanam tatha, whatever we need, He will provide as our guardian, and in this way, we must surrender to Krsna and dedicate ourselves to Him with humility.

This goal has nothing to do with our external life. We can work in a job or not, that does not really matter. Of course, we must avoid sinful activity in our profession and in our private life, but otherwise, it does not matter where we are placed externally. Different personalities can be pure devotees. In the Krsna book, there is an interesting story with two great personalities – King Bahulasva and the brahmana Srutadeva. Here, Krsna went to meet the king and before Krsna was coming, the brahmana also heard that Krsna was coming and so both of them had made their own plans. The king decided that when Krsna will appear, he will offer Him a royal reception, a beautiful garland and then seat Him on a golden throne – all the things befitting for a king. The brahmana was thinking that when Krsna appears, he will offer his obeisances to Him and with all his heart, recite prayers in His glorification. But when Krsna actually appeared, it did not quite go according to the plans. When the king saw Krsna, he just immediately fell on the ground to give obeisances and simply forgot to get up. Meanwhile, when the brahmana saw Krsna, he just started jumping up and down in complete ecstasy! So, seeing Krsna is nothing like we can ever expect. Seeing Krsna is beyond anything we can ever imagine. It is far greater than anything we can possibly think of or experience – it is beyond our imagination!

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