(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 November 2018, Adi-Badarinatha, India, Parikrama 2018 Lecture)

In the Age of Kali, it is not going to be that beautiful. It is not possible to just get it perfect in this age. One has to always look out for disturbances and within it find some Krsna consciousness – that is how it is in spiritual life. We are living in a crazy world and we have to block it out and keep our little Krsna bubble. We have to find or create our own little sacred space amidst all this madness. That sacred space depends on the depth of our faith, kecit kevalaya bhaktya vasudeva-parayanah: we need to have faith that happiness will only come from devotional service. Someone came to me today and said, “I heard so many negative things about the place in which I am going to serve.” Okay, then go there and bring something good with you. That is how we become transcendental. It is not about taking. What are we taking from Vrndavana? What we are taking from Vrndavana is what we have to give. If we do not take that, then we have missed the boat. If we came here to take something, then we got it wrong. Taking means, ‘me, I and mine’: my senses, my happiness, my spiritual life, my experience, my Krsna consciousness. Everything is about me! So it is important to remember that we came here to learn to give. It is by giving only that one can rise above selfishness.

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