(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 22 November 2020, Simhachalam, Germany, Caitanya Caritamrta 9.36)

It is that pure devotional service that can completely satisfy the heart. Therefore, it is attractive. And therefore, the sankirtana devotee has absorbed himself in drinking this transcendental nectar. He is relishing it and then whatever is overflowing from his genuine enthusiasm, he is trying to hear about Krsna, to glorify Krsna, to serve Krsna – bhaje Krsna bolo Krsna kore Krsna sikha! Chant the Holy Name of Krsna and follow the teachings of Krsna. And when all that absorption if there, then it is possible to perform the sankirtana yajna. The sankirtana yajna, in other words, is very simple. Srila Prabhupada said that it is very easy, just show people how happy you are. Of course, that is a little challenging for us to actually experience happiness. But if we think about it, the material world is not an easy place. The material body is not an easy machine, the material body always does something, and over time, it gets more problematic. The material body has its limitations, and so it is said that the living being in this material world is prakrti-sthani karsati, struggling with the material energy.

In the material world, people are suffering everywhere. They may project an image of great success and they may tell themselves so – yes, I am a success. I am very successful in my life, but it is very thin. Very thin. Thin eyes, very thin eyes. It is not very strong. Therefore, their conviction, their happiness, is not very strong. The vaisnava on the other hand is happy, happy because they are trying to be free from sinful activity. That is a cause for happiness because everything is auspicious there. Because we are walking on the path of purity, it leads to a perfect destination. Therefore, there is happiness. Yes, we are also suffering from cold feet. Yes, we are also suffering from a mask that suffocates us. Yes, we are not free from suffering as yet, but still, we are happy. Because that suffering is insignificant. We have the gift of Golokera prema dhana, harinama sankirtana. We have the wealth of the spiritual world; we have the gift of the fruits of love of God!

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