(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 April 2020, Durban, South Africa, Vyasa-Puja Lecture)

In my youth, I came to Krsna consciousness and I had lots of energy and I used it all with a lot of enthusiasm to do many things. The focus was on doing things for Krsna – doing service. I tried to do a lot of service. In the cause of doing service, I did step on a few toes here and there. I did elbow a few people out of the way or knock them over. What shall I say? But these things were secondary to me because the things that needed to be done in devotional service were the most important. But as time progressed, I was not only responsible for doing things in devotional service but I became responsible for people doing things in devotional service. And I looked after them and together with them, I tried to get things done. As time moved along the focus shifted more and more to people and it became my service to look after people. Not even so much about them having to do this service or that service and getting some service done through them. No, now my service was just to look after people in general and how I could help them to realise their full potential.

Tamal Krsna Maharaja in that regards once said, “It is a duty of a spiritual master to give his disciples a vision about their own life which is greater than what they would have come up with on their own. And then to help the disciples to realise that potential.” So that was something I remembered instantly. As soon as he said it, I memorised it. It was that potent and impertinent. It summed up what I was supposed to be doing. Anyhow from doing things for Krsna, to looking after people who were doing things for Krsna and to looking after people for Krsna. All these things come up in devotional service and yes that mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu offers us a golden opportunity. We can take advantage in the service we do for this mission and in our personal behaviour and in our dealings with the vaisnavas, then surely we can go back to Godhead!

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