(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 14 April 2008, Bhaktivedanta Manor, United Kingdom, Rama Navami Lecture)

In the Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Rama at one point is compared to a baby elephant, however, this is not disrespectful. Rather, the comparison was made to show how young Lord Rama was at the time of Sitadevi’s swayamvara, yet he was so inconceivably powerful. While it took 300 strong men to barely lift that bow, a young Lord Rama just strings the bow effortlessly to the point that He pulled it so far back that the bow broke. So in this way, Lord Ramachandra showed with how much ease he could do such a thing. This is just like when a young Lord Krsna lifted Govardhana Hill with complete ease on the little finger of his left hand. So in this way, the Lord shows that such supernatural feats are actually not that great for Him, as He is only showing a spark of His total splendour through such pastimes. We only see a portion of His opulence, but the power of the Supreme Lord is so much greater.

Sitadevi was the perfect match for the Supreme Lord. She was the Goddess of Fortune after all. It is said that Sitadevi is equally endowed and had all the right attributes (the right age, the right beauty, the right behaviour and all the right qualities) to be a befitting partner to Lord Ramachandra. We, on the contrary, are suffering the reactions of our sinful activities and can never be endowed with such perfect qualities; we have to go through a lifetime of frustration of not having the right attributes. Why? Because we are conditioned souls. But Sitadevi, being Lakshmidevi herself, was by no means limited by the material energy. Therefore, we cannot consider the actions of Sitadevi to be the actions of an ordinary person.

When Sita and Rama were banished to the forest, an outstanding quality of the Lord strikes out – how transcendentally He takes all the circumstances of His life. His father was on his death bed, the whole kingdom was crying and everyone was destroyed when they found out that Rama was banished to the forest the day before His coronation. But amidst all this, Rama was happy to follow His father’s instructions, and that is something really extraordinary, how the Lord takes up such a task despite it being so unfavourable and unjust to Him. This is because He was completely detached!

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